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Providing Biomass Energy and Services for 30 years

About Us

Day Energy, LLC has bought and sold hundreds of thousands of tons of biomass by-products since its initial sale in 1982. These by-products include sawdust, bark, bark mulches, shavings, wood chips, wood flour, pallet waste, industrial wood waste, recycled construction and demolition debris, land clearing waste, refuse derived fuel, and peanut hulls. Clients have included pulp and paper mills, flake and particle board plants, electrical power generation plants, wood gasification facilities, mulch processors, landscape companies, manufacturing and agricultural processing plants, ethanol fuel plants, prisons, a military base, wood fuel exporters and importers, horse and chicken farms, an animal bedding plant, and large volume mulch consumers. Consulting services have included analyzing the supply, availability, and price of wood fuel and wood fiber for potential wood using industrial facilities, participation as a team member in the development of wood waste management options for a number of east Georgia counties, and an analysis of the export viability of wood chips and wood pellets as biomass fuel. Internal investigative work has been done on the issue of biomass ash disposal and ash market options.

     Stephen Day (seen at right) is the principal of the company. He is a 1974 graduate of Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering where he also did graduate work. His academic training covers systems and statistical analysis, technology forecasting and assessment, economic analysis, and classical industrial engineering. Prior to starting Day Energy he worked as a research engineer for both the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the Southern States Energy Board doing energy and environmental analyses. He has authored or contributed to approximately 30 published studies, papers, and presentations primarily focused on wood energy, alcohol fuel, energy conservation, water usage, and the environmental impacts of energy technologies.  From 2001 through 2006 Mr. Day was actively engaged in the sourcing, procurement, and formulation of millions of pound of plastics, wood, mineral fillers, lubricants, and specialty chemicals for a wood plastics composite (WPC) manufacturing operation. The expertise garnered from that enterprise is being applied in the acquisition of plastics and other raw materials for industries both in and out of the WPC field as part of Day Energy's services.

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