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Providing Biomass Energy and Services for 30 years


Day Energy LLC., is a biomass and polymer brokerage and consulting company. Biomass clients can be either biomass generators or biomass consumers. Polymer customers are normally but not limited to wood plastic composite manufacturers.

 Biomass generators use Day Energy to find economically viable outlets for waste streams or better value for existing biomass products. Materials marketed or procured traditionally include sawdust, bark, industrial wood waste, shavings, land clearing residuals, whole tree chips, sander dust, and pallet waste, among others. Services are  provided for determination and establishment of new markets for unused, underutilized,  or undervalued biomass materials including those with contamination.

 Biomass consumers engage Day Energy to coordinate and manage large scale acquisition of biomass materials or provide spot market purchases. Traditionally this has been done for large scale industrial facilities with wood fired power plants or wood based manufacturing operations. Day Energy's market expertise allows for the acquisition of biomass materials at the best possible price for the end user and insures that the customer is using the type of material best suited for the end use need. Millions of dollars of boiler or production equipment can be damaged by improper fuel or feedstock selection. Cheap is not always best. Knowledge of material BTU content, material chemical composition, moisture content, ash content, and material contamination is critical.

 Day Energy also provides consultant feasibility services assessing biomass availability and price for a given project and resource area. Day Energy can do resource base assessments for ethanol from cellulose plants, wood fired electrical generation plants, and wood gasification facilities among others. These assessments are required as part of project financial due diligence. Day Energy is a one stop shop for these type projects by providing both the resource base feasibility analysis and the contracting, procurement, and management of the biomass feedstock. There are few other companies in the United States that have both quantitative analytical capabilities and the daily biomass market knowledge that Day Energy possesses.

Day Energy has recently engaged in the sourcing of materials used primarily in the wood plastic composite (WPC) manufacturing market. Day Energy buys and sells polymers such as recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and wide spec Polypropylene (PP). Day Energy can also procure wood flour, cellulosic fibers, mineral fillers, lubricants, and chemical additives that are required for the efficient manufacturing of wood plastic composites. Services are available to support the effective blending and mixing of these materials. Plastic sourcing for clients outside of the WPC field is also provided.   

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